I met Connie-Marie at one of THE most stressful times in my life. Work/Life balance was "out of balance" and financial pressures were consuming me. 

I had decided I wanted to "give" more, so I offered a complimentary personal training package for a Mother’s Day promotion to someone who would write a testimonial about their mom, telling us at Kinetic Indoor Cycle & Fitness, why she deserved to have time to herself in personal training sessions. 

Connie-Marie's son wrote one of the most riveting testimonies. It was the kind of testimony ever mother would hope their child writes about them as a grown adult. The owner, Sandra Asuchak and I chose Connie-Marie to be our Mother's Day recipient!

What I didn't know was how spending a few sessions with Connie-Marie would change my life. In exchange for my "gift" to her, she offered me the gift of personal life coaching for a few sessions. I accepted not really knowing what life coaching was.

I had the chance to sit down with Connie-Marie and pour out my heart. As a personal trainer, fitness instructor, wife, mom and avid marathoner, always training for the next big event, my calendar was full of many things. I was becoming overwhelmed by my life and feeing guilt for not "being there" enough for my family. I felt caught between wanting to build my career and follow the path that found me, but not wanting to miss out on the precious moments with my children. 

Listening to Connie-Marie share with me from her own life as a mother, after intently listening to mine, revolutionized my motherhood. It gave me future perspective I couldn't have gained on my own.

In terms of my career Connie-Marie made an impacting statement that has been my guiding principle on how I structure and organize my priorities in my career as a busy fitness professional: "You need to figure out how to make more income without sacrificing more time."  We then strategized the way I could produce this and immediately I went to work implementing these strategies. I went home and did "my homework" and she kept me accountable to the specific tasks. Accountability is key.

Within less than two months I began to produce more income and hadn't added ANY extra hours away from my family. I am now in a place where I am SO full of opportunities that I strategize which ones are doable and which ones have to wait for a later time. 

I had NO IDEA what life coaching even was when I was offered it. One would think it is counselling, but I would describe it as having someone with a neutral perspective who gives you personal and professional advice on how you can better organize your life, so you can optimize the best parts of your life.

I am a believer in life coaching. One cannot become a better version of oneself unless they fully understand oneself. Motherhood is the biggest and best gift I have ever been given, but it is also the most challenging. As a pre and postnatal instructor, I see the struggle between women desiring to find their purpose and desiring to leave a lasting impact on their community. 

I encourage my moms and my friends to consider life coaching and I mention and reflect on my experience continually. I am indebted to Connie-Marie for helping me learn how to prioritize my life. It has truly changed my life. 


Thank you,

Chantelle Erickson

CanFit Pro PTS/Pre and Postnatal Fitness 

Kinetic Indoor Cycle & Fitness


I am filled with gratitude to Connie-Marie for how she has role modelled for me the importance of intentional mothering during the years we have worked together.  As I watch her raise her two strong, caring and respected sons I am inspired to be the best mom I can be to my own children. She taught me calm confidence in the face of all the challenges of raising children in today’s world. She did this by gently guiding me to think through each dilemma and by encouraging me to always be doing what felt right for my heart; for my unique life, to be true to my own reality. 

When I went through a period of depression she walked beside me during the heartbreak and confusion.  With her sweet and caring spirit, she helped me step out of the darkness into the beautiful passion and purpose I had within me the whole time but was unable to see because of the despair that held me down. Now I am moving ahead by living many of my dreams. I am convinced that without Connie-Marie’s gentle guidance and compassion I wouldn’t be the women and mother I am today. 



Tracy Stoutjesdyk

Elkcreek Dairy Farms & Mother of 10 Children

“How you help me.....Well, I would say there are a few ways you help. Firstly, you give me perspective. You deliver it in a non-judgmental, calm and nurturing manner that allows me to relax, focus and be open to your advice. You ask questions that make me think of other possibilities and guide me towards those possibilities. What you don't do is swoop in with the belief you are going to "save" me, you provide choices that let me come to conclusions and decisions that will help me help myself. You also provide valuable information on other resources that have helped me cope with the responsibilities I have and I know you have done the same for others. You are able to help people of all ages and with different backgrounds. On a more practical note, you are accessible and your fees are reasonable.”


“Connie-Marie has provided invaluable service to me.  I approached her in a time of confusion in my life.  Connie-Marie was able to see through life’s ‘clutter’ and help me to determine what the real issues were.  After one session, I felt able to make concrete decisions that had an immediate, positive impact on my life.  In future sessions, Connie-Marie was able to offer much needed support in facilitating the fall-out from my decisions.  I now feel clear-headed and goal orientated.”