How To Be A Healthy Working Mother

Are you overwhelmed and feeling you can never get everything done that needs to be done? Are you feeling burned out, tired and lacking the energy to handle life and the problems that occur? Is it hard to find the time to be the mother you want to be and are you constantly getting less quality time for yourself and with your children?

How to Deal With Family and Personal Health Challenges

Our family has faced considerable health challenges that have included cancer, depression, mental illness, addiction and sudden death.  Our aging parents have also suffered with mental and physical issues that required long term facility and 24 hour home care in their final stage of life. Through it all, we have manage to grow closer, heal and move forward. The health care knowledge, emotional support, and spiritual connections we have and share with each other are the basis for our healing and strength during these difficult times.

How to Re-Design Your Career As A Working Mom

We are at one of the most amazing times where we are moving away from a world of work characterized by traditional models to new options based self-management. One of the primary changes will be movement to a “contract” workforce where we are offered more choice and flexibility.  The other change is the opportunity for growth as female entrepreneurs. It is time for working moms to stand in their true identity and have a stronger voice in their careers, striving for meaningful work while having more time to support their family.

Meet Connie-Marie

Connie-Marie is a compassionate, strong guiding spirit that helps working women to see themselves more clearly and empowers them to understand and manage better personally, within their families and in their workplace.  She cares about your life and your family and offers you powerful guidance and emotional support.

Her greatest ability is to help you work through challenges and make concrete decisions that have a positive impact on your life and your families lives.  Sometimes not only do we need new information to change or to deal with the unexpected, but we also need support from someone we can trust.

Connie-Marie is a pioneer in the world of work having worked on a contract basis for most of her career giving her the freedom and flexibility to have a fulfilling career and be a healthy mom.  She has over 30 years training and experience in personal and career development, transition support, financial and health planning and spiritual guidance.

Connie-Marie has a passion for guiding and supporting working women, helping them to design their career and home life, coach and empower their children and have loving healthy relationships.

Connie-Marie Riedlhuber

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