Real Time Mothering & Family Life Design

Helping mothers remember how vital they are in their children’s lives and their Family Life Design.  This program provides Mothers with the key information to be happier and to create a healthier family.  Bringing awareness to risks in our children’s development and lives today.

Wounded Hearts

Heal the wounds of intimacy, discover your true self and empower yourself to live the life you were born to live.  This program offers guidance and support to those who have faced difficulties in their lives, are dealing with health issues or relationship and family conflicts.

Career Regeneration

Helping women increase self-management of their career to increase fulfillment and bring balance to their family life. In order to create the opportunity to get ourselves into the right place in the world of work, women first need to increase their self-awareness and their power of choice increasing their options for work and ability to move to new positions.

Meet Connie-Marie

Connie-Marie Riedlhuber is a compassionate Life Coach known for her loving and inspiring presence and her ability to support others.  She really cares about your life and your family.  She offers guidance to help you manage better personally, within your family or in the workplace and supports you in dealing with constant change, high demands and challenges inherent in everyday life.  Many of us deal with unplanned events and function within constantly changing family, social, economic and labor market situations. Sometimes we need help to move through transitions or to get personally from where we are to where we need to be.


Connie-Marie is a Multidimensional Facilitator, Transition Specialist, Author and Presenter who has a keen ability to problem solve and empower individuals at many levels.  She also relies on other, less tangible, approaches to problem-solving, recognizing the value of humanistic psychology:  the idea that intuitive feelings, flashes of inspiration, emotion, and deeper states of consciousness are all legitimate ways of knowing and understanding ourselves.

Connie-Marie Riedlhuber



“How you help me.....Well, I would say there are a few ways you help. Firstly, you give me perspective. You deliver it in a non-judgmental, calm and nurturing manner that allows me to relax, focus and be open to your advice. You ask questions that make me think of other possibilities and guide me towards those possibilities. What you don't do is swoop in with the belief you are going to "save" me, you provide choices that let me come to conclusions and decisions that will help me help myself. You also provide valuable information on other resources that have helped me cope with the responsibilities I have and I know you have done the same for others. You are able to help people of all ages and with different backgrounds. On a more practical note, you are accessible and your fees are reasonable.”


“Connie-Marie has provided invaluable service to me.  I approached her in a time of confusion in my life.  Connie-Marie was able to see through life’s ‘clutter’ and help me to determine what the real issues were.  After one session, I felt able to make concrete decisions that had an immediate, positive impact on my life.  In future sessions, Connie-Marie was able to offer much needed support in facilitating the fall-out from my decisions.  I now feel clear-headed and goal orientated.”

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